TV audience research

The main purpose of TAM panel research is receiving а reliable representative data on the television channels viewing in Ukraine.


Panel is the group of people recruited for participating in the research. Panel research is the method for collecting data continuously from each Panel member over a certain period of time. Data is collected every second. Households participating in the research are selected by a special methodology.

Since selected households represent the population of Ukraine by socio-demographic and technical characteristics (Reception type, TV equipment etc.), they form an overall picture of Ukrainian population TV viewing accordingly.

From 2014 Television Industry Committee (TIC) provides market the data of television audience measurement (TV panel), which is conducted by Nielsen and Communications Alliance on TIC’s request.

TV panel is based on a nationwide sample of 2,840 households including 1,900 households the cities with population 50 000+ and 940 households in the settlements 50 000- and villages.


Details of a TV panel in Ukraine on the official website