About TIC


Television Industry Committee is a professional industry association of leading TV channels and media agencies, representing the interests of thetelevision and advertising industries.

The main goal is to promote the development of television and advertising markets in Ukraine, to develop regulatory acts (including legislation), legal acts on television, advertising, film production, protection of intellectual property rights and to promote the organization of a balanced system of sociological studies (measurements) of television audience in Ukraine. 

TIC membership is open to legal entities whose main objects of activity in the area of television (having appropriate broadcasting licenses, if required by applicable Ukrainian legislation) and/or advertising; and legal entities that order advertising services may become a member of TIC to a considerable extent, in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, and agree to perform the duties assigned to it by the Statute and other documents of the Association.

TIC is a mediator in the market, which consolidates the general interests of the television and media industries, with the aim of making complex and qualitative decisions, providing qualified expertise, resolving contentious or unregulated relationships, protecting the rights and interests of its participants and partners, both within Ukraine and beyond, both within abroad.