Workshop session by Annet Aris: Managing media companies

Upon initiative of Television Industry Committee the author of the book “Managing media companies” Annet Aris will come to Kyiv with workshop session on November 11, 2011.

Annet Aris provides a course of media management for students of MBA programs, and for senior management of media companies. Besides, she is an adjunct professor of strategy in INSEAD business-school in Fontainebleau (France), ex-partner in McKinsey & Company, one of the founders of German Media Practice. She is a head of the International consultation council of economics and business-management faculty at Maastricht University and is a member of the Board of Directors of Beeld & Geluid Fund in the Netherlands.

The book “Managing media companies. Business models, technologies, strategies and methods” is also called a Bible for professionals. It is a fundamental research of practice of operating and strategic management of the leading media companies and describes key competences providing their competitiveness at the market under conditions of variable business environment.

"Currently media companies are experimenting with the best ways to transistion to the digital world. The challenge is not only to develop attractive digital offerings but above all to develop long lasting and profitable digital business models. Many experiments are going on with for example paywalls, content streaming, app development and video on demand. Whether these initiatives will work or not work will depend on the extent to which the companies understand the fundamental new rules of game in the industry, which are a result of amongst others lower barriers to entry, external network effects, information transparency and a different balance between the role of content and technology. The workshop will adress the key changes in industry dynamics, which rules of game will change fundamentally in the future and how this affects the abiltiy of media companies to build new digital business models", Annet Aris describes her workshop in Kyiv.

Also you can watch video by Annet Aris to the workshop's participants.

Date: November 11, 2011

Arranging agent: Television Industry Committee

Place: Kyiv, 10 Muzeinyi Lane, 2th floor, conference hall

Time: Registration – at 9:30. The workshop starts at 10:00. Duration – 3 hours + 30 minutes’ break.

Participation value: UAH 1950. Every participant will receive the book “Managing media companies. Business models, technologies, strategies and methods”.