About TIC



Ukrainian Association of Press Publishers

Ukrainian Association of Press Publishers (UAPP) is a voluntary non-governmental and non-profit organization of publishers that have joined efforts to promote the print media market, and increase its advertising capacity, simplify the rules and regulations, improve business environment, improve the market’s investment attractiveness.


Outdoor Advertising Association of Ukraine

Outdoor Advertising Association of Ukraine is a nationwide non-governmental organization that brings together companies that operate on the market of outdoor advertising. The priority task today for members of the Association are: the establishment of civilized and transparent rules of operation on the outdoor advertising market, optimizing communication between business, society, and public authorities, promoting improvement of the outdoor advertising image.


Media Law Institute

Media Law Institute is an analytical centre that brings together lawyers specializing in media law. The main purpose of the Institute is to develop legislation on the media, guarantee freedom of speech and free access to information, protect the rights of journalists and media, and promote the free distribution of information.


Ukrainian Bar Association

Ukrainian Bar Association unites lawyers to promote the Rule of Law in all spheres of state, public and social life, contribute to the development of the rule-of-law state, promote law awareness in the society, develop legal profession in Ukraine, protect lawful rights and interests of lawyers, and facilitate non-formal communication between them.


Media Lawyers Association

Media Lawyers Association brings together professional lawyers from all over Ukraine, who provide legal support to the media and journalists, and aims to inform journalists of their professional rights and opportunities, ensure effective legal protection of these rights, promote freedom of speech in Ukraine, and the adaptation of Ukrainian legislation to the international agreements.


Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union

Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union is a Ukrainian Association of human rights organizations, which aims to promote the practical implementation of humanitarian articles of the Final Act of the Helsinki Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) adopted in 1975, other international standards based on it, and international obligations of Ukraine in the sphere of human rights and fundamental freedoms.


National Festival of Public Services Advertising

National Festival of Public Services Advertising has become a major event in the field of social advertising in Ukraine. It aims at drawing attention to social advertising as an important phenomenon of social life.


Public Services Advertising Exchange

Public Services Advertising Exchange is a project of the Ukrainian Advertising Coalition (UAC). PSAE’s objective is to raise the professional level of public services advertising in Ukraine involving to its creation the best brains of the leading advertising agencies.