About TIC



State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine

State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine is the central executive body with special status, whose activities are directed and coordinated by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine through the Vice Prime-Minister of Ukraine.


National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine

National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine (NSDC) is a permanent constitutional body for coordination and control of executive bodies in national security and defence.



Teleradiokurier is a magazine for media industry professionals. Established in 1997 for implementation of electronic media projects in Ukraine and programs aimed at media professionals.



MediaBusiness is the main publication of the Ukrainian media market, a daily online newspaper. MediaBusiness writes about who, how, and how much earns and spends on mass media. Our readers are people working with media. First of all, it is managers who make decisions on media investments: advertising in the media and commercial media projects. In addition, our readers are sellers of advertising, advertisers, marketers and investors.



Telekritika Project is the only specialized publication in Ukraine about the media market, which today consist of an on-line publication, Telekritika magazine and on-line tabloid publication. Telekritika stated its mission as follows: “We want to contribute to Ukrainian society having high-quality media objectively and impartially informing citizens and media managers.” We want Ukrainian journalists to realize their own social responsibility. We achieve this through impact on journalists, media owners and politicians, but also through projects that support the media literacy of citizens themselves.



Kwendi mass communications expertise & management is a consulting group that specializes in communications in media, with offices in Kyiv and Moscow. It works in four areas: media audit, media marketing, PR for media, and research of perception in media. Since 2005 the group has implemented dozens of projects for all types of media, advertisers, and industrial associations.



Media Resources Management (MRM) is the first Ukrainian media consulting company that offers its competent expertise and services in the sphere of media and entertainment. MRM has been operating in the market since 2005. The company offers consulting services and practical support of the projects in all the main areas of the media market (TV, theatrical, press, new media, radio etc.) ranging from development of a concept and carrying out all of the necessary market researches and up to presenting the completed project - e.g. establishing of a distribution network, working out a broadcasting schedule, assistance in entering the international market etc.


Ukrainian Advertising Coalition

Ukrainian Advertising Coalition (UAC) was established in 1997 for the development of the Ukrainian advertising market. Our mission: to promote the advertising industry in Ukraine.


East European Media Institute

East European Media Institute provides legal support to journalists and NGOs.


Independent Association of Broadcasters (NАМ)

Independent Association of Broadcasters (NAM) was created on the initiative of active regional television and broadcasting companies of Ukraine in May 2000.

This initiative found a support in the representatives of the industry because Independent Association of Broadcasters is aimed to protect native television and broadcasting producers, provide legal consultations and support, assist to creating of legal framework and democratic development of Ukrainian broadcasting and moving it towards the European standards and level.